No, this is not my car--but a guy can dream, right?

I am a composer, arranger, educator, and multi instrumentalist residing near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thanks for visiting my site!  

Big Band musicians will want to visit my "Arrangements" page, where you can purchase a Kevin Mills big band arrangement or composition for $40. The majority of selections are Gospel/Christian in nature, but other genres are represented as well. Most are scored for 5-4-4-4 and vocal. I've got some combo charts to choose from, and some pieces for 5 horns without rhythm section.

On my "Transcriptions" page, you'll find a regularly expanding collection of instrumental solos--predominantly jazz--which you may download for a very reasonable price.

My (abbreviated) Story

I'm Kevin Mills, and I live with my lovely wife and three above-average children in beautiful Plymouth, MN.

Due to the coronavirus shut down and my extra unstructured hours, I've been able to focus an unusual amount of energy in the area of videography, and my YouTube channel is getting some much needed attention.      

I'm also writing and arranging music, and performing in a variety of styles on drums, saxophone, guitar, and bass. As an arranger, big band jazz is my idiom of choice, and I've produced over 80 big band arrangements--with many of those being original compositions.

My current music projects include the 80+ member Shoreview Northern Lights Variety Band, classic rock band A Bit of Gorgonzola, 10-piece horn band Hornucopia, modern jazz combo Gary Denbow Quintet, and my own 18-piece KCGO Big Band.  

Artistically, my obsession with music is now closely rivaled by my fascination with videography. 

I'm very pleased that you've been willing to learn a little about me, and I hope something I offer here may be of value to you.



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Previous events


Judy Thomas Trio

318 Cafe, 318 Water St, Excelsior, MN 55331

Judy Thomas (guitar and vocals) Kevin Mills (guitar, bass and drums) Gary Denbow (keys, bass and vocals)

Judy also welcomes some fine back-up singers, and we'll see how on earth we'll all fit on the tiny stage at this delicious eatery!