You like the jazz? You want the jazz solos? You've come to the right place!

I've transcribed over 50 solos by about 40 of the world's finest improvisers, with a strong leaning toward saxophonists and guitarists. I did these for my own benefit, but they represent a great many hours of labor, and I hate to see them gathering cyber dust. I'll be posting many more as I finish tweaking them for posterity.   

Please, use them! Assign them to your students!

If you find an error, please let me know. Some rhythmic 'errors' are issues of personal interpretation, but if you find a pitch error, I want to know about it. I've purchased several published collections of solos which are festooned with pitch errors, and I refuse to be one of those guys.

If these solos are of benefit to your playing or teaching or quality of life, and you want to say "thanks" with a little clink in my "Tip Jar," that would be splendid!

Swing on, baby! 

Kev Mills
Kenny Burrell--Ain't Misbehavin' Kenny plays the head and takes one chorus. 63.1 KB
Kenny Burrell--Here's That Rainy Day Kenny achieves some exquisite rainy-day emotions on this one. 76.5 KB
Kenny Burrell--Take the "A" Train One short, sweet, swinging chorus. 35.3 KB
Mike Stern--Autumn Leaves This is a crazy-fun solo to play. 240 bpm, and most of it lays really well. I've added my own position suggestions, though I can't vouch for their validity. 47.5 KB
Peter Bernstein--It Ain't Necessarily So Nice lines, with a pronounced blues flavor. Peter uses some fun sweep-picking on triads, featuring Ab triads over D7 chords, which are going to find their way into my playing from this point on. 63.2 KB