•Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone: Vol. 1 (Lennie Niehaus) https://amzn.to/2Cei8Aj

This series is fun and hip. Unfortunately, many of the articulations Lennie has included need to be explained, or in many cases modified. EXAMPLE: He will often end an 8th note phrase with a slur into the final 8th note, and put a tent accent on that same final note. To my mind, those articulations are mutual exclusive. I end up scratching out the slur, and adding a legato (bar) articulation on the penultimate note. After I've done that several times, the student starts making the change on his own, but it's confusing, at best, for the newbie. I bought my copy before it included the demonstration CD. I may have to reorder it just for that new feature. 

•Intermediate Jazz Conception: Alto and Baritone Sax (Jim Snidero): http://amzn.to/2CBFpxv

KEV'S COMMENTS: This book contains fifteen solos on "compositions" by Jim Snidero. Each composition is based on the chord changes of a well-known jazz standard. His tune "Melon Island," for example, utilizes the chord progression of "Cantaloupe Island." Consequently, learning "Melon Island" will give the young player 3 nice choruses of material to blow over "Cantaloupe Island" whenever that opportunity may arise. Each solo is very well conceived, and the demonstration CD has a great feel. The solos range from very-accessible to quite-a-stretch for the young player.